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WE ARE coming...

Sorry for not posting much on our blog.... because we were very busy. to see photos of our trip in vienna, go to our facebook page now.

and great news. WE HIT 500 Likes!
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Were In The Airport

Hey guys, we are now in the airport. Wish us a good flight! Stay tuned on our facebook page for latest updates. :D Btw, 2 hours and 50 minutes left for our flight..

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PSK on the news!

This news is from News Straits Time.

KUALA TERENGGANU: The Permata Seni Choir group will take part in the prestigious World Peace Choral Festival in Vienna, Austria beginning July, 25.
Prime Minister, Datuk seri Najib Razak’s wife, Datin Seri Rosman Mansor said though the choir group's maiden performance will see it perform abroad, she nevertheless expressed confidence that the choir was well prepared to take part in the event.

"The participation in the event is a meaningful recognition on the testament to Permata Seni Choir programme's ef fectiveness," she told a press conference at Stadium Negri here yesterday.

Members of the Permata Seni Choir Group, formed barely a year ago under the Permata Seni Negara programme comprise 37 children aged between 8 to 11 years old, led by conductor, Syafinaz Selamat.
The festival will be used as a platform for the group to perform 'lagu-lagu rakyat Malaysia' (local folk songs) on the global stage with 'Anak Rusa Nani', Tepuk Amai-Amai', 'Buih Sabun' among the Malay numbers to be performed.

The group will also perform English numbers such as 'Hush-a-bye Mountain', 'One Song', 'When the Saints Go Marching In', among others.

Rosmah, who is Permata Seni Negara patron, said it was an honour for the group to perform in Austria, which is known for its talented and formidable choir groups.

"The festival should be seen as a yardstick for our young ambassadors to gauge themselves at the global level.

"It is not easy to gain entry into the event. That is why we should be proud of our young choir's achievement on being selected among the 40 renowned choir groups to participate in the World Peace Choral Festival, 2011,"

The festival, which was held annually by the World Peace Festival in Austria, is aimed at promoting world peace through converts by groups of young children.

The event will see participation of choir groups from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Czechoslovakia and other European countries.

Read more: Permata Seni Choir group to take part in World Peace Choral Festival
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were going to vienna?

Yes.... The news is out! Were going to vienna. I think some of you might know from the news.... But just dont leave this page yet..

Just for your information.. We will post things about our trip here and in our facebook/twitter stick around!
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WERE on Youtube!

We are now avaliable at Youtube! Click the youtube icon on the top right to visit the youtube page. Please be patient as we will post videos about our trips and many more.
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Remember this image?

If yes, you might think that this blog is the answer. But NO, Its something else! Stay tuned to our blog and facebook for up-to-date (updated) news on it. Have fun!


Welcome to our Brand NEW website/blog! Here you will experience our news straight to your browser. Currently, not everything have been set up. The pages is not fully done. Please bear with us as we just created it.

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